WZ8 Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode

Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode Picture

The advantage of Tungsten welding is that it welds of high quality can be made with or without filling, good control of heat and having low distortion. The problems faced are that of an erratic arc, high electrode consumption and leading to porosity of the weld.

Zirconiated tungsten electrode is in order to improve the pure tungsten electrodes in welding under the condition of high load to melt the disadvantages of pollution of the workpiece and electrode developed varieties, the most obvious feature of the electrode is in the case of high load current, zirconium tungsten electrodes can keep the end of round ball, thus reducing the permeability of tungsten phenomenon, and it has good corrosion resistance.

Zirconium tungsten electrodes and pure tungsten electrodes, can only work under the environment of the ac welding.

Zirconiated tungsten electrodes in alternating current (ac) environment,with good welding performance. Especially in the case of high load current, zirconium tungsten electrode shows superior performance, is the other electrodes is irreplaceable.